Dilli Meri Jaan

Going back to Delhi after two and a half years brought back all the memories of little things that were exciting to me in the capital city. Here are some pictorial renditions of my musings about life in Delhi.

Our most popular and exciting (as a kid) mode of travelling in comfort, a three wheeler auto rickshaw. And ofcourse there are bicycles too for those who cannot afford these little luxuries.

Eating spicy southern food at Andhra Bhawan near India Gate is almost a rite of passage for every southerner settled in/around the capital.

The sign above reads "Dear Customer, please wait. Allow us to seat you". Needless to say, it gets very crowded during lunch time and hungry crowd can get impatient ;-)

We lost track of our native breed of an Indian dog. But there are all kinds of mutts everywhere on the streets. Most of them are sweet and friendly like this one in the picture chewing on the bangle stand.
And later the puppy said to me - "bother me not if you don’t want to take me home with you".

Idli (steamed savory rice cake) and Dosa (savory rice & lentil crepe)... most often eaten as breakfast or snack.
Malpua, a sweet that just melts in the mouth topped with fresh cream and floats in cardamom flavored syrup.

An eye popping selection of vegetables and fruits at a local fruit market, ofcourse right on the street.
Cottage Emporium, my favorite handicrafts store to browse through the invaluable pieces created by master craftsmen from across various rural towns of India. Delhi is my heart but Hyderabad is my soul. More about Hyderabad in my next post. Until then, enjoy these pictures.

~ Kalyan


flowers in the garden

Planting seeds, growing flowers, picking weeds, taking walks along the weeded paths…

…my in-laws have small patches of shrubs and trees all around the house and any time of the year some fresh fruit would be in the season or some sweet plant is bursting with flowers.

For few days that we stayed there, it was an absolute bliss to wake up each day and take lovely walks among the blooms in the morning mist.

We even got to prepare some beds and plant a bunch of seeds.

Can not wait to show you some pictures, if all goes well and they start flowering.

In the meantime, here are few more flowers that are blossoming all over the trellis.

The floral trellis called for a bit of glimmer and that’s how it got bound in a sunny yellow.

Hope you are enjoying heaps of summer sunshine while working in your little gardens :o)
~pics by Kalyan.


a trip to Srisailam

The drive through the forests of Nallamala Hills was breathtakingly beautiful.

The afternoon was mild and we decided to take a walk through these festive streets. The air was forest-fresh and the critters and creatures, so very serene.

I was most enchanted with the thatched huts which lined the steps to the Krishna river.

Each of them was so sweetly decorated with vivid colors and pretty motifs.

I remember visiting my Aunt’s house in Tenali, every summer. Though theirs was not a mud house; they had a small hut in the backyard for the cows to keep cool from the hot sun.

And through out the day, it used to be the hub of all our activities… be it, tending to the cows or making dung cakes for the fuel or simply running round and round while my grandma was busy cooking on an open stove.

At the time, most of our relatives and friends were still living in mud huts with thatched roofs and I spent many an evening sitting cross legged on the cool floors, playing with my cousins or reading a favorite story book.

Seeing these little huts brought back a rush of memories which are indescribably delightful…

…if ever I have a dream home, this would be It! ^_^