Happy holidays!

How are you holding up under holiday busyness? I hope trusty elves are readily helping in your last minute preparations :)

As it happened, I got distracted with tidying corners and doing some house keeping and rarely went near my sewing machine. Now that things have calmed down little bit, my attention is turned to making a lap quilt to use in the living room. The old saying about cobbler's son not having shoes, fits perfectly to our situation.. it is funny that we have one small size quilt on our daybed which gets us into constant grumbling and tugging wars and our toes always chilly! With long winter ahead, I need to pull up my socks for making a big enough quilt.

Slowly I looked through my fabrics and taken out the ones that I instantly liked for their innocence. Most of them are popular fairy tales but some seem to have fallen out of fairy dreams of their creators.

I drew an easy block to match with their simplicity. After testing a couple of sizes, I decided on a block with 3 3/4" center square and 2" squares for the corners. It will probably be a mostly white quilt with nosy characters popping up here and there.

I also worked on the last units for 'Scrapitude' mystery quilt and in January, we will get instructions to put everything together, I am curious to see what kind of pattern comes out of all these separate pieces.

Thank you for stopping by even in this rush hour! Wish you happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas!  ( * v * )