sunrise 4

After hiding under a big wooly jacket for so many months, it gets exciting to think about losing those layers and wearing girly skirts & puff sleeved blouses or even striped gauze shirts & checkered shorts for boys..

I think these fashionable kids already did some serious spring shopping.. I can only gasp at their sense of style! Don't you think they look adorable in their new clothes? I like the ribbons and delicate hair bands these girls are wearing; not to miss matching outfits for their dolls :)

now to pick shoes and handbag to go with today's dress

when you are all dolled up, it is really fun to call next door neighbor friend from the window to show off your new dresses to each other..

then make an 'ice cream' date and paint the town together in welcoming colors of Spring.

I really look forward to this time seeing people milling about in flowing dresses feeling the wind in their hair. And everyone seem to be in such a good mood with smiles and happy chatter! 

Hope you have lots of fun with your family and friends this Easter weekend  ( = v =)

update: The black & white fashion fabric I used in the first block is a Japanese import designed by Junichi Nakahara for Yuwa. I got it 3 or 4 years ago at 'Repro Depot' online store. It was an amazing store with rare fabrics. This fabric was in their Vintage selection, so it must be from an older collection. Sadly, this shop has closed its doors.
 (I paired it with a basic Lecien stripe in the block.)

Some of the fabrics I have been using in this Sunrise quilt are from at least 2 or 3 years ago. So I am not sure if they are still available. But if you happen to like any fabric and need info, feel free to ask me. I am happy to tell you more about them :)


sunrise 3

How is this first day of spring looking for you? We are still bundled up here with a pile of snow on our roof.. hopefully soon the soil will be a bit more warm encouraging spring buds to grow and there are green leaves everywhere ( ' u ' )

until then I am playing with rosy cheeked dolls

and eagerly waiting for April showers to come to take out my chubby umbrella.

even these baby elephants are getting restless to play in the rainy puddles

and munch on sugary snap peas

but this mouse family is very lucky to know a secret place full of big polka dotted berries.. for this reason I think it is always dessert time in their house with no worries about seasons!

Happy Spring!   ' v ' 


sunrise 2

Now there is a tiny stack of paper pieced blocks on the table keeping me company as I am cutting pieces for the next set.

I am finding the process of selecting fabrics for each block a simple exercise in mixing different colors and prints that I haven't thought about before. 

Seeing each block like a unique quilt and weaving stories into them is also becoming more fun because I am using all my favorite fabrics.

 Even these fabrics look very happy being useful rather than collecting dust sitting on a shelf.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello to these teddy bears! They do look a little shy & bewildered to be in the spotlight so unexpectedly today. I got these cuties at SuperBuzzy. 
Hope to show you more blocks soon. Have a lovely rest of the week! ( ' u ' )



Sun rays in the early morning are gentle as dew, soft as a whisper, cleansing to the soul.. these still moments of the waking hour bring a sense of calm to a hurly burly day ahead of us.
..looking at the shining yellow sky is as soothing as it is hopeful for a fresh day.

Sunrise is the inspiration for my new quilt. I am thinking of using an array of colors from softest pinks to shocking fuchsia, imitating paleness of the hazy sky turning bright bathed in beautiful sunshine.

I first saw this quilt on Material Obsession blog as 'Gypsy kisses' and was completely smitten by it. This classic pickle dish pattern is in their second book and also in Kaffe Fasset's 'Quilt romance' book.

Nanette has been making prettiest version of this quilt and she wrote a very helpful review here comparing them both and ups & downs of each pattern. I am so grateful to her for these details.  I felt a little faint as I learnt how much hand appliqué  is involved in Material Obsession pattern. So I decided to go with the curved piecing instructions given in Quilt romance.

It will be nice to enjoy slow time with this quilt.  I am starting with the paper-piecing part, doing one or two blocks everyday. These are the sample blocks I made so far.  

I have to see what lovely little pieces are hiding in my scrap box as I plan to use my well loved and treasured fabrics in this quilt. I will keep you posted with my progress.
Hope your day is bright and sunny! ( ' v ' )