sunrise 3

How is this first day of spring looking for you? We are still bundled up here with a pile of snow on our roof.. hopefully soon the soil will be a bit more warm encouraging spring buds to grow and there are green leaves everywhere ( ' u ' )

until then I am playing with rosy cheeked dolls

and eagerly waiting for April showers to come to take out my chubby umbrella.

even these baby elephants are getting restless to play in the rainy puddles

and munch on sugary snap peas

but this mouse family is very lucky to know a secret place full of big polka dotted berries.. for this reason I think it is always dessert time in their house with no worries about seasons!

Happy Spring!   ' v ' 


Stephanie said...

When I see a post from you I get excited. I love your stories and how you walk us photo to photo. At least you have some play time while waiting for Mother Nature to remember it is Spring and NOT still Winter!

Nanette Merrill said...

Your blocks really are springy feeling. I think I like the dolls the best. But they are all so cute it is hard to choose. I always love your selection of fabric and use of fussy cutting. Perfect.