cart wheels

Soon after I did some log cabins, I borrowed ‘quilts with a spin’ from the library and got wrapped up in making wagon wheels. I enjoyed stringing these together with more bits and pieces.

For paper-piecing, I use June Taylor foundation papers from Joann’s. But recently someone at our local quilt shop suggested Carol Doak’s are the best.

Having neither of these at hand, I set out to make copies of the pattern pieces on a regular paper. As I wasn’t exactly looking to follow the lines but simply as guidelines, it worked out fine. Dropping the stitch length also helped in taking the paper off easily.
I have yet to dare machine-piecing the curves, but I’m comfortable doing them by hand.
So, after finishing the paper piecing part I machine basted them along the seams to mark the stitching line and then peeled the paper off. It reduced much of the bulk and made hand-piecing easier. Still, I regret to tell you that quite a few needles have been harmed in the process :(

After cabins and cart wheels, I wonder what comes next! ( ‘ . ‘ )
…and the layout is still a cloud in my mind as hazy as the days we’ve been having lately. I hope the sun is shining bright at your end (* u *)

Before I go I want to leave you with some stunning and soul stirring quilts of Anna Williams, here and here
(courtesy of equilter)

You might’ve come across her work.. just in case...
Unfortunately, the book “Anna williams: Her Quilts and Their Influence” is out of print.
I wish it gets reprinted.