Hyderabad Flattened

Trip to India this time was unique in that I passed through three new airports - new terminals at Heathrow and Delhi and finally disembarked at the spanking new Hyderabad International Airport.
Surprisingly, these three new structures looked similar in design though not in scale.
I was very impressed with Hyderabad's new international airport and a 6 lane highway that connects the city. I was proud of this new addition to my beloved city.

However, I ended up little depressed by the time I reached home. The outer ring road was constructed after razing through several of the famed rock formations unique only to the Deccan plateau in India. More and more of these rock formations are being destroyed in the name of infrastructure and development. I wondered why cannot highways be built while preserving these at the same time? It is our constant demand for better infrastructure and better services that spurs this so called development. It looks like an inevitable thing to happen with more and more of us emigrating and pouring money in to Indian economy. At the end, I felt guilty.

~ Kalyan