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..waiting anxiously for holiday goodies to come in the post.. Mail man is having trouble delivering parcels on time with snow cover everywhere.

Granny is busy busy sweeping and scrubbing, making the house sparkle with holiday decorations. Then there is baking to do and presents to wrap.. so much to do in so little time!

I am kind of cheating with letter 'Y'. . showing a sail boat and telling everyone, it is a Yacht :/ 

Snowing can be a hindrance to postman but not to little boys who insist on visiting zoo even in the thick of winter! 

I am piecing sashing strips with cuddly characters and text prints in place of corner stones. Maybe when I see you in the New year I will have a quilt top ready to show you :)

It seems fitting to finish this year with X Y Z s. Thank you for cheering me all along ( * v * )
Instructions for making these alphabets are on Temecula Quilt Company blog.

Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays 


scrappy string quilt top

We are waking up to see either rain or snow every day. Only these scrappy strings are saving me from becoming dull and sleepy. Sewing these colorful blocks really brightened my mood and I am able to ignore the grey sky outside.

Isn't this blue fisherman the cutest! It is one of the scraps sent by my dear friend, Beverly. As I was putting the blocks together, I kept spotting her adorable scraps, and thinking how special they make this quilt.

Beverly is the kindest sweetest soul one could imagine.. more I get to know her, more I realize what a rare gem she is! Her cheerful patchwork style is so unique and amazing! I easily drop everything to simply sit and gawk at her projects. She is a great inspiration for me! Thank you, Beverly!! ( ' u ' )

With 12 string X blocks of 14" size, it is a small quilt, only 41" x 55". I like the casual way these X's are spread out, so I am thinking of leaving the quilt top as it is without adding borders.

The blocks are slightly wobbly due to the stretchy linen I used for the background. I am hoping it won't be a problem when the quilting is done ;)

It only takes a few stolen moments to make this quilt, so simple and relaxing to sew. I am excited to see a good dent in the string pile too! Pattern for this quilt is on Quiltville blog.

Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful weekend! ( ' v ' )


little letters

Nap time is a struggle for Chutki.. a friend made this tiny cute quilt to tempt her to sleep ..zzz

I couldn't decide between pig and panda since both are equally cute and tempting, in the end Panda managed to sneak in to this letter and Pig is noticeably miffed at my choice.

A long Queue to see the Queen in the castle.. she seem to be popular with not just people but also their pets.. I see that their patience is wearing thin from waiting, Pig is rushing to go in and duck found something more interesting at the back of the line ;)

Mm.. should I snatch that carrot and run or should I swap it with a strawberry...

Owl in an old tree.

I am planning this quilt for a little girl and her baby brother, I thought this Seesaw print is perfect for the S block.

Looks like it is going to rain, I better take my Umbrella with me. I adore this fabric. It is one of the scraps Ayumi sent me sometime back.

Vegetables, fresh and healthy right to your door step, truck comes every Tuesday, don't forget! 

Only a handful of letters left to make for this quilt along. I am going to miss making tiny blocks that are done in a snap with instant satisfaction! :)

 Have a Merry month of December! Eat lots of green vegetables to stay away from colds and coughs! ( * v * )