string quilt

Picking and stitching wonky little bits are slowly but surely filling up my hours these days…
with no rules and no rulers it is so very freeing!

Few tiny strips, a bunch of squares and before I realize, minutes are rolling into hours and stacks of blocks are piling high.

While thinking about ideas, this book caught my eye. There is so much inspiration in here that I’m smitten by many of them.

Playing along with bloggy pals is making this doubly fun. I’m so eager to see everyone’s magic transforming itsy bitsy strings into something cute, something warm and something snuggly…

Anita has been doing just that with her scrap collection lately and she says there are more to come. Can’t wait!

Here’s a snapshot of the past… from Amy butler’s ‘In stitches’ book that I did last year. It is too boxy for me to carry around like suggested in the book, but perfect to store my fat quarters (: u :)

Thank you so much Stephanie for such a fun time I’ve been having! (* u *)

My poor scraps who were feeling so sadly unwanted all this time wish to give a huge thanks to you too. They say if not for you they would still be pining in creepy cupboards and a dusty attic.
err.. I agree :-\