basket full of wishes - part 4

For some of the basket blocks, I wanted to convey the feelings and moods of changing seasons... bird songs in spring, colorful flowers of summer, pink leaves of autumn and floating snow flakes of winter.. I hope you will enjoy catching a glimpse of all four seasons at once ( : v :)

We love sitting in our nest and singing songs!  

 Welcome to spring!

Sunday mornings are so relaxing!

I live in this teal colored shed. I have my own spade to grow flowers & mushrooms.

Hanging clothes in the sun

We can hang rest of the clothes later. Let's watch balloons.. 

 Uh-Oh! looks like this owl is in trouble!

Mrs. March is popular for her Jams. Don't forget to take a Jar with you :)

 I have to hurry home to taste Mrs.March's Jam with my morning toast..

 play with me... it is so much fun jumping on this pile of leaves..

Good wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Thank you for taking time to scroll through this post loaded with pictures.
I hope it brought back memories of your favorite season :)