Momma bear and cub blissfully playing in their own world., this fabric inspired the nature theme for courthouse step blocks I've been making. I gathered various prints on that idea, though the colors of the quilt were mainly inspired by spring and little of summer.

There is another coordinating print from the same collection which features tiny bear and his many friends. With only half yard pieces that I had, I combined them both to have enough for the sashing.

I tried a couple of layouts and settled on this arrangement. I needed to make filler blocks for the ends of alternating rows, kind of like half blocks., then trimmed the rows to even out any differences as I went sewing them together.

This is how the rows look off center from each other with a 3" sashing strip in between the blocks.

Seams on the back side.. they made me quite nervous with the fraying edges, I was worried they might disappear on me, altogether!

This lovely Nani Iro fabric caught my eye for the border. I had barely enough, as you can see patched up with a scrap of bear fabric. So I made extra blocks for the corners and set them against the border like this. It made up for the shortage I was facing. Now it's time to pick a backing and get to quilting :)

Sashing fabric is Mustaherukka by Kokka.

Hope your week started off playful too! ( ' u ' )


Quilts and color

Saturday, I woke up bright and early prompted by a very exciting plan to ogle at age old beauties in dazzling colors. I was literally swept off my feet by their intensity and warmth. Only a handful of quilts had white or cream in them. I thought you might like to have a personal chitchat with them, they sure are exuberant and bold even in their conversations.. ( ' v ' )

 Double wedding ring in a deeply romantic purple setting and jewel tones

Mariner's compass with a surprise white and plaid combo

twinkling stars and matching border

Windmill blades swirling in contrasting colors and playful borders.

This is for you, Stephanie! Polka dot love :)

 circular motifs in white spaces

Barn raising quilt in silks and velvets. Notes below said Mrs. Herrick was 81 years old when she made it as a gift for her daughter.

silk embroidery on velvet centers was so tiny and detailed.

a closer look at the colors.

Pomegranate tree and a beautiful vine on Star of Bethlehem quilt. 

Another Star of Bethlehem quilt in cotton prints, one of the fussy cut diamonds in the center looked misplaced, maybe it was done on purpose to stray from perfection.

Chain star in envious colors and adorable feed sack prints.

I found it hard to pull away from this cutie!

Anyone hungry for a 'bunch of grapes ' ?

this Coxcomb variation is dream like with its symmetry and stunning quilting background

Oriental 'fans ' inspired by Japanese traditional design

delicate touch with fine embroidery and echo quilting

Scrappy strings form a charming Four block star variation 

I feel sorry that the full picture of this quilt came out blurry, I hope this gives an idea of how it looks as a whole with zigzag border and stars on four corners.

'Seven sisters ' were mesmerizing in porcelain blues and muted browns.

Streak of lightning made me feel like a kid longing for a lollipop in front of candy shop. I want to make a quilt just like this one.

Field of diamonds, the name says it all :)

Most of the fabrics seem like wool and twill. It has many sweet prints like small florals or dots in unexpected colors mixed with checks all over.

Thank you for stopping by and keeping me company for a quick glimpse into this beautiful collection. There are 59 amazing quilts in Piligrim/Roy exhibit which runs at MFA in Boston until July 27th. If you are in town by chance, don't miss it. Have a wonderful week! ( ' u ' )


summer days

Hope your weekend has been full of family fun and sparkles in the night sky :)

I had a different kind of fun with a family of elephants and a wander in the wild.

Inside the woods is a peach and cherry grove, buzzing with smiley bees and bouncing bunnies everywhere.. cherries were plump, peaches were bursting with juice. After a taste and bit of a rest we went along where our feet fell.

When the day grew hot, we waded into a muddy pond and played hide and seek with the baby seals. Orange frog was not so happy for the commotion we caused. The pool was nice and cool and we felt refreshed.

It ended up to be a noisy day with all sorts of activities, we all agreed that summer is the best time!

My spring inspired quilt dragged into summer unexpectedly putting on more colors and character. So far there are 42 blocks. I am thinking about the layout to see if I need more blocks.

These blocks are straightforward and simple to make, but the gauze fabric is like a slippery eel. I have to be careful to handle it lightly as it tends to stretch and fray easily. My next task is to trim all those loose threads in the seams. Still this fabric is so soft and addicting to use. ( ' u ' )

Happy summer days!