Momma bear and cub blissfully playing in their own world., this fabric inspired the nature theme for courthouse step blocks I've been making. I gathered various prints on that idea, though the colors of the quilt were mainly inspired by spring and little of summer.

There is another coordinating print from the same collection which features tiny bear and his many friends. With only half yard pieces that I had, I combined them both to have enough for the sashing.

I tried a couple of layouts and settled on this arrangement. I needed to make filler blocks for the ends of alternating rows, kind of like half blocks., then trimmed the rows to even out any differences as I went sewing them together.

This is how the rows look off center from each other with a 3" sashing strip in between the blocks.

Seams on the back side.. they made me quite nervous with the fraying edges, I was worried they might disappear on me, altogether!

This lovely Nani Iro fabric caught my eye for the border. I had barely enough, as you can see patched up with a scrap of bear fabric. So I made extra blocks for the corners and set them against the border like this. It made up for the shortage I was facing. Now it's time to pick a backing and get to quilting :)

Sashing fabric is Mustaherukka by Kokka.

Hope your week started off playful too! ( ' u ' )


Stephanie said...

Darling, fun, light and airy...perfect for early Summer picnics and cool Spring evenings. I love how you ad lib with what you have. You have great talent for that.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh so soft and pretty. What a fun play date!

Cat said...

Fantastic! the entire thing and the sashing! Everything works so well together. Another creation for a quilt museum! Love the story too, XXOO Cat

Candace said...

That is just the sweetest momma bear and cub, Pratima! Your little personal touches make this summer quilt just perfect! I can see taking it to the zoo for an outdoor concert on a warm summer night. The back is perfect - such straight seams. You have a quilt to cherish for a long time!

Lina said...

I love everything about your new project! So sweet and soft! Are these all double gauze fabrics?

Michaelanne said...

As a HUGE fan of your work, I can only say....You've done it AGAIN! and I love it:))) I am finally finished with my daughters Christmas present, so I am getting right back to hand quilting "little treats"...These newest photos of yours have given me just the boost I needed!!! XXXOOO