summer days

Hope your weekend has been full of family fun and sparkles in the night sky :)

I had a different kind of fun with a family of elephants and a wander in the wild.

Inside the woods is a peach and cherry grove, buzzing with smiley bees and bouncing bunnies everywhere.. cherries were plump, peaches were bursting with juice. After a taste and bit of a rest we went along where our feet fell.

When the day grew hot, we waded into a muddy pond and played hide and seek with the baby seals. Orange frog was not so happy for the commotion we caused. The pool was nice and cool and we felt refreshed.

It ended up to be a noisy day with all sorts of activities, we all agreed that summer is the best time!

My spring inspired quilt dragged into summer unexpectedly putting on more colors and character. So far there are 42 blocks. I am thinking about the layout to see if I need more blocks.

These blocks are straightforward and simple to make, but the gauze fabric is like a slippery eel. I have to be careful to handle it lightly as it tends to stretch and fray easily. My next task is to trim all those loose threads in the seams. Still this fabric is so soft and addicting to use. ( ' u ' )

Happy summer days!


Stephanie said...

I could never pick a favorite but the baby seals are darling! Your colors are soft as a Summer sky and the blocks are full of whimsy.

Martha said...

Your choice of fabrics and the whimsey you always add to your blocks are the perfect combination for a spectacular summer quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing the blocks all together.

Jody M said...

such sweet blocks! Oh, how to wait patiently to see them all together! As always, your work is incredible.

Sujata Shah said...

I love these blocks! I am working on a very bright quilt these days. How refreshing to come and find this sweet quilt. So soothing to eyes during hot days of summer!

Michaelanne said...

As always, I find your work just a joy to look at, and I love your thoughts as you put together this work of art! Thank you for sharing:) It is lovely!

Beverly said...

These blocks are wonderful! I always love your color choices and you story behind each one shows how much thought you put into your quilts! I love it!

Candace said...

I'd walk with an elephant any day, Pratima! They are my favorite animal of the wild. How nice that your elephants had so much varied company along the way. It must have been a lovely stroll ;>) You're very brave to work with the gauzy fabric and I know a gorgeous quilt is in the making.