raindrops tote

My sweet friend Amy's zakka creations are too charming to describe in words. I have no doubt, they must be eating a dollop of sunshine for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and eagerly sip on a special kind of rainbow drink. I adore the way Amy makes her handmade objects come alive with deepest yellows, bright blues and sparkly pinks with a touch of gingham for homeliness.

Amy wrote a beautiful book called Zakka Handmades  that came out last year. There are 24 projects each with a purpose and a place in our home and heart, including a set of projects for crochet lovers and play things for babies. I wanted to give these precious projects all my attention, so even if it was hard, I waited until I crossed off some of the other things that were pending.

When I came to know we both share a fondness for rainy days, puffy clouds and pretty umbrellas, I decided 'Rain drops'  tote has to be the first project to make. I thought of this delicate lady in a frilly floral dress under fringed umbrella, hiding somewhere in my stash. It was a lonely vintage block I came across in an antique market. This block is couple of inches bigger than the measurement for the bag in the pattern, I kept it as it is, so the bag came out slightly bigger than the pattern suggested.

For the other side of the bag, I cut out a big cloud bursting with rain drops from a vintage scrap and appliqu├ęd it with button hole stitch to match with the vintage block.. falling rain drops and waving blades of grass, fill rest of the picture.

The sides are my favorite part, they provide a good excuse to cut into fun fabrics and change the look of the bag however we want. I had a serious crush on this Heather Ross print since it came out, even the selvage is too sweet to ignore, so I used it for the handles.

 Lining is a blue fabric that looks like darkening sky on a rainy day and an adorable umbrella print for the inside pocket. It is an older collection called 'Aunt grace through the year ' by Judy Rothermel. 

This is also my first time installing metal snaps with the help of SnapSetter. I get nervous trying out new gadgets, there is a good video tutorial on Youtube and a step by step tutorial on Oliver + S here which really helped me get over my fear. If you find snaps intimidating like me, you should try this tool for its easy procedure. I got mine from Amazon but now I discovered that Oliver + S website also sells it along with right size snaps.

'Zakka Handmades' on my book shelf is going to be well loved and worn out for all the great ideas it gives for personal use and for gifts. Thank you, Amy!! I am so happy that Amy is also getting more involved into inventing new Zakka patterns and making them available separately in her Etsy shop. She shares her sewing adventures on Chick chick sewing blog ( ' v ' )

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Sunday!!


Stephanie said...

Looks like a fun book filled with sweet goodness. I've installed magnetic snaps but from trial and error, mostly error. Thanks for the tool tip. Happiness is a new book filled with fun. Looking forward to seeing all of your projects. :o)

Stephanie said...

Oops...not magnetic snaps but metal snaps. Well I'm not good at those either so I need to investigate the tool.

Anonymous said...

I love how you used the vintage fabrics for this tote! Those snaps are super easy to use and look so nice too.
Amy's book and patterns are some of my favorite's! She does write wonderful patterns.

Sujata Shah said...

Pratima, your use of fabrics is always fun and adorable. This book seems like a a perfect thing for small projects for gifts and keepsakes. I have never made a bag with snaps. Zippers alone scare me. It will be nice to try it some day!
You have made quite a few.. all of them I love! Hope you are enjoying early days of summer!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh gosh, that is just darling!

Candace said...

Oh Pratima, what an adorable bag! I love that you found the lady in an antique market! (We must go antiquing some day) and preserved her for today's world! The cloud is perfect. Everything about your bag is delightful, but then I know to expect nothing less from you!

Jody M said...

Pratima, so very very sweet - I am in love with your cloud! And your sense of color ... sublime! Oncew again, your work makes me want to call in sick and stay home and sew all day long!

Amy Morinaka said...

Ahhh! What an eye candy this tote is! Both sides of the tote is beyond beautiful! Such great idea to make use of the stitched antique lady into tote front and the stitched cloud and rain on reverse side add the sweet zakka taste...Love! Interior snaps, selvage straps, floral pocket... every detail adds extra charm!

Thank you so much, Pratima, for making super adorable project from my book that goes waaay beyond my expectations! xoxo, Amy

Cat said...

so wonderful! You gave that vintage block a new home that is PERFECTION!