Welcome to the home of Laku and Muki. Please read about them here~

Laku and Muki are two playful and cute but mostly mischievous crows. Whenever I visited our home town for holidays, every day was like a mini adventure with them. They were always waiting on the roof for any chance to steal a sparkly spoon or a colorful soap bar if not a snack! Not even a day went by without a neighbor walking in with a naughty crow story to tell. I still feel very nostalgic when I hear crows cawing. They are one of my favorite birds.
I am happy to see that they found a spot to perch on this blog page with no one to shoo them off. I hope they won’t trouble you too much though!!

Laku: Hello.. er.. I look a little nervous today.. but I am usually very outgoing and adventurous! I like to climb mountains and go birding sometimes. I also enjoy my bike rides and taking pictures on a sunny day. I am so happy just being outdoors and love to share my travels with you.
Muki: Hi, I like to make cute things with fabric or draw a picture in my book. But mostly I love day-dreaming!
We hope you have a nice visit here.. Thank you for stopping by!! (: v :)

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