' sweet scents of spring ' quilt

It's been a pleasant experience to sew with gauze fabrics, petal soft and dreamy to touch. I loved making these Courthouse step blocks and planning a quilt around them. 

These delicate fabrics really helped me in capturing the essence of spring season. The bear print I used in the sashing also has two lovely messages printed on it..

' Though we are tiny beings in the universe, our hearts are deep and huge.'
' If you cherish grasses, flowers and the earth, you can talk with them.'

To keep the look simple and not to distract from the softness, I quilted it with stitch in the ditch around the blocks and did some hand quilting in the borders to extend that homely feeling.

This flowery border print is Dear Mother's girlhood by Nani Iro. I felt it picks up the colors from the blocks and blends in so nicely.

Since gauze fabric is likely to stretch while sewing, the blocks were not the same size, it was only a slight difference but still noticeable when they are sewn together in rows. For this reason the partial blocks at the end of alternating rows were also trimmed accordingly ending up with an organic and charming feel to it.

Binding is a fun mix of prints that are present in the quilt with a lion or a frog peeking through ;)

Backing is a soothing blue and white stripe in organic cotton. It is just as light and soft as the gauze fabrics. 

'Sweet scents of spring' quilt measures around 57" x 74"., perfect for any sweet person who loves to snuggle with a cheerful quilt. It is in my Etsy shop. ( ' v ' )

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lazy days

I took some clearer pictures after the last post just before basting it. It is almost ready except for some quilting in the border. In the mean time, I thought you might like knowing the bear family more closely :)

They have fairly lazy days swinging in the trees

watching butterflies fly

nibbling on red berries and listening to stories that neighbors brought

snuggling under yellow stars, where vines grew thick and soft

 dreaming of rainbows in their nestled sleep..

This is one of the corners where the borders meet. There is a lion and giraffe along with bunch of orange frogs peeking in the middle squares. It was fun to think about what would look interesting in the centers. I should be finishing the quilting soon. 

Hope you are staying cool and cute as cucumbers while last of these summer days pass! Thank you for stopping by! ( ' u ' )