cascading blocks

I adore everything Nanette does… fascinating quilts, soft-delectable fabrics and little cute things she makes for her cutesy kitchen…

When I look at her work all I could think of are merry-go-rounds, clouds of cotton candy and happy colored lollipops… the light hearted kind that makes you burst into a wide grin instantly!

I was so happy when I found out one of her patterns got published in Baby Quilts magazine and scampered to the book shop, the very first chance I got.

And this is what came out of it...
The pattern is very versatile and lends itself nicely to a variety of fabrics. And the cascading blocks were so fun to play with.

The only change I did was to add to the width of the panels just to use more of my favorite flowery fabric. It is for a friend’s baby who is due any day now. If it’s a boy, I hope he doesn’t mind few flowers fluttering in his cozy blanket (‘_`)

I used fabrics from ‘Look and learn’ by American Jane. The prints are so sweet and I have some more left to amuse myself with again.

The backing is a toile of bunnies playing in the garden. I’m guessing they are Max and Ruby… the cutest bunnies on the block(don't you think?)!

Thank you Nanette for all the smiles & the sweetness and for allowing me to use some of your pictures (^ v ^)

~ pattern from Fons & Porter’s Baby quilts magazine(winter 2008).