L for Little letters

Wednesdays and Sundays are favorite days of the week lately because a new Letter pops up on Temecula blog on these days.

Sewing the block in this quilt along is like munching on a potato chip, only lasts for a brief blissful moment in the mouth and not possible to pause in the middle without emptying the whole packet ;)

There is also some tension in this process, because I keep thinking if I have the right fabric suitable for that alphabet or not.

Luckily, I was able to cover for the letters until now and also discovering fabrics that I almost forgot about.

Like this fat quarter with kitchen theme, I haven't noticed a Jar of Jam on it before., I felt a relief to find it!

I am also having fun making up silly stories in my head like this Little lamb who lost its way during a treasure hunt. I really hope there is a happy ending to the story.

Mouse family is too busy preparing for milk and cheese breakfast to notice anything else, their life is so simple and salty!

Salty is only for mouse who loves cheese! For you, I wish for sweet cinnamon scents, pumpkin pies, 
and a Hauntingly Happy Halloween!!! (^ W ^)


Apple picking quilt

Apple picking quilt in butter cream, and sunny yellow patches is ready to flap its wings to a new home.   ( ^ v ^ )

We missed going to the farm to pick apples this year, but looking at the bunnies, farm house and fruit trees in this quilt gave me lot of the same enjoyment.

I can almost smell crisp green apples on trees, hear the sounds of ripening red apples falling to the ground, rustle in the bushes where bunnies are hiding and also lively piglets snorting and chomping in their pen..

Fluffy blue clouds passing along and bright balloons floating above make it more fun to be outdoors for the visitors.

Elephants are busy busy filling the trolleys with fruit, only these turtles are having the luxury to stare at the colorful sky.

Even worms are sneakily munching away on the apples. Before we can count 1, 2, 3.. a whole apple is gone! When I found a Shinzi Katoh linen tape with green apples in my trim box, I got excited and appliqu├ęd it here on the side. I think the farmer might be really sad to see that :(

For the side borders and sashing I used Nani Iro Pocho, it has silver dots on pale lavender. I tried few options for the binding, but only this Nani Iro stripe in shades of red and pink felt right. These two fabrics are cotton double gauze. Backing fabric is tiny red dots on white. 

The focus print that I cut out squares from is by Puti de pome. It is a linen cotton mix and slightly thicker than regular cotton. Border print is also another Japanese import fabric but I am not sure of the maker. 
Quilt size is around 42" x 50".  ( ' u ' )

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you have a great start into week!


laying out bricks

I am working a new job as a brick layer, in this minute coated in cement and dirt from the repairs I am doing on an old wall.

With its moss covered bricks, layers of peeling paint, weeds in the cracks, fading posters, and love messages.. it carries plenty of emotions and hidden stories about the previous owners and people who walk past this wise wall in their daily lives.

I am using lot of Heather Ross prints and some Japanese favorites in this quilt. 

Clover fork pins that I came across at Jo-Anns are making it easy for setting the seams together. They are quickly becoming my trusty companions for piecing.

ABC's for 'Little letters' quilt along so far. I am enjoying coming up with interesting characters for each alphabet. I wish I could spend my time freely in a garden like this lively girl with her watering can and a shovel. But both my plants and I are shrinking down from the cold wind blowing this week!

I didn't forget my apple quilt though, I will get back to it soon., maybe after I get over this itch to be a brick mason for a bit ;)

Have a sunshiny October! ( '  u  ' )