laying out bricks

I am working a new job as a brick layer, in this minute coated in cement and dirt from the repairs I am doing on an old wall.

With its moss covered bricks, layers of peeling paint, weeds in the cracks, fading posters, and love messages.. it carries plenty of emotions and hidden stories about the previous owners and people who walk past this wise wall in their daily lives.

I am using lot of Heather Ross prints and some Japanese favorites in this quilt. 

Clover fork pins that I came across at Jo-Anns are making it easy for setting the seams together. They are quickly becoming my trusty companions for piecing.

ABC's for 'Little letters' quilt along so far. I am enjoying coming up with interesting characters for each alphabet. I wish I could spend my time freely in a garden like this lively girl with her watering can and a shovel. But both my plants and I are shrinking down from the cold wind blowing this week!

I didn't forget my apple quilt though, I will get back to it soon., maybe after I get over this itch to be a brick mason for a bit ;)

Have a sunshiny October! ( '  u  ' ) 


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I just love to read your posts. They are always such a sweet story about your beautiful work. From bricks to letters they are all so pretty.

Candace said...

You lay the neatest and cleanest bricks I've ever seens, Pratima! And rather wait for yours to age and tell a story, they come fully vested! I am a huge fan of brick work and I can't wait to see your finished wall!

Stephanie said...

You are a master bricklayer. Looking forward to the completed wall. And the sweetest little alphabet ever!

Amy Morinaka said...

Love your bricks, Pratima❣ As always, your work is so sweet and inspiring❣ Happy stitching from California to my dear friend♥

~Niki~ said...

my fav kind of quilts :) beauty-ful

Anonymous said...

I am so ashamed about not following my old friends for a while. sorry.
I adore he simplicity of this quilt and the beautiful choice of fabrics. It is already wonderful. xx