L for Little letters

Wednesdays and Sundays are favorite days of the week lately because a new Letter pops up on Temecula blog on these days.

Sewing the block in this quilt along is like munching on a potato chip, only lasts for a brief blissful moment in the mouth and not possible to pause in the middle without emptying the whole packet ;)

There is also some tension in this process, because I keep thinking if I have the right fabric suitable for that alphabet or not.

Luckily, I was able to cover for the letters until now and also discovering fabrics that I almost forgot about.

Like this fat quarter with kitchen theme, I haven't noticed a Jar of Jam on it before., I felt a relief to find it!

I am also having fun making up silly stories in my head like this Little lamb who lost its way during a treasure hunt. I really hope there is a happy ending to the story.

Mouse family is too busy preparing for milk and cheese breakfast to notice anything else, their life is so simple and salty!

Salty is only for mouse who loves cheese! For you, I wish for sweet cinnamon scents, pumpkin pies, 
and a Hauntingly Happy Halloween!!! (^ W ^)


Jody M said...

Pratima, such a sweet sweet posting!!!! You have such an amazing eye for details. I love your small alphabets soooo much and miss our conversations!

Stephanie said...

Wee ABCs as sweet as can be

Candace said...

No one does this better than you, Pratima! I hope your Halloween was as happy as ours....we did make a fresh, pumpkin pie!

Anonymous said...

What Candace said.XX

Anonymous said...

woops except for the pumpkin pie- i love the charming stories you weave and the care you take with each lovely choice of fabric.
Yes, I Is for icecream !!