Diwali is coming which means time for renewal and celebrations. Other than cleaning the house, washing the windows, rolling cotton wicks for oil lamps and preparing sweets, I thought I would make some fresh pillows to spruce up the place. I got these linens just for this purpose when we were in New York City last year. They have been impatiently waiting ever since. I wrote about the linen shop here.

Selvages on linen fabrics are irresistibly beautiful. I wanted to ornament the pillows with their rustic charm where ever possible.

One of the linens had this peachy fuzz on the selvage which was too cute to ignore. So I made up this easiest of pillows. This is how I did it roughly…
Finished size is 18” x 18”.

- Cut two pieces 19” x 18 ½” with selvage on the longer side of each piece. ( Front and Back of pillow)
- Cut 2 strips 3” x 19” for the straps on the top edge. You can adjust the width to any size you like it to be.
  Fold the raw edges towards the center of the strap as shown in the picture
- Cut 8 strips 1 ¼” x 9” or any size you like your ties to be.

To make the ties, pin two pieces, right sides together and sew on 3 sides with a 1/8” seam. Turn them out and press. Make 4 of these.

-Take one of the 19” x 18 ½” piece. Mark a dot, measuring 5.5” from the edge on either side. This is where we will pin the ties.
-Place the inner edge of the tie aligning with this mark. Also align the half-inch mark on the tie to the top edge of the pillow piece.

 - Now place the folded strap on top of the pillow piece and the tie, aligning with the top edge.
- Pin and top-stitch along the top and bottom of the strap.

-Repeat above steps for the Back pillow piece.

-Pin Front piece and Back piece, right-sides together and stitch on 3 sides with ½” seam allowance, leaving the top side open. Trim the corners close to the stitching line at a diagonal and turn right side out.

-Press and insert a pillow form. Knot the ties.
I hope I didn't confuse you with my tutorial of sorts ( ' u ' )

How are your festival preparations coming along? Be it lighting rows of oil lamps on window sills or decorating the front porch with pumpkin lanterns, the wind seem to be blowing festival magic and everything is glowing that autumnal orange and smelling of pinecones and sweetmeats! Yum!  Enjoy the season!
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a Hauntingly Happy Halloween! ( * V * )