under the tree

The tree skirt is done just in time to put under our first Christmas tree.

And I think I might have seen ‘someone’ peeking from behind the tree while we were finishing the decorating…

This is last year’s picture. Even though we didn’t put a tree then, we remembered to leave a warm glass of milk and plate full of cookies on the window sill. Santa seemed to have enjoyed few quiet moments in-between climbing down the chimneys.

Some of the ornaments on the tree are vintage finds and other trinkets are from our travels in India. We had a good time unwrapping each one and reminiscing their whereabouts.

This sweet angel is a very dear present from Terri.

Now for the actual facts and figures, Santa is from a vintage kit that I got on ebay two years ago. Later I tried to locate Mrs.Claus as well but with not much luck.

~The pattern for the tree skirt is in ‘Quilts and More’ winter 2007 issue.
~The border fabric is from Wash tub’s Santa Claus Lane collection. And the fabric sprawled with toys is Nutcracker sweet. It is on sale at equilter now in soft blue.

(one of last year's window displays in New York city)
A very Merry Christmas! May all your Christmas wishes come true (* u *)


Joseph's coat

I’m imagining a spring quilt just when the winter whites are setting in.

It all started when Kellie at Don’t look now proposed a quilt-along of Joseph’s coat pattern. And this pattern sings spring to me with its delicate petals.

…since there are so many of them, prepping the petals while happily munching on a chewy gooey ginger cookie seems like a perfect way to fritter away these chilly afternoons.

I think it’s going to be a scrappy quilt with whatever I could find in my 30’s pile but also lots of dots.

The inspiration for this quilt is Eileen’s adorable dolly quilt that I came across many months ago and it quickly went into my must-do ‘some day’ list. Everything Eileen creates is so sweet and charming. Each stitch she puts in is so perfect in its place. I’m in awe to say the least!

Thank you so much, Eileen (* u *)

In spite of my eagerness, this pattern always appeared too daunting to attempt on my own. But Kellie’s instructions are so detailed that I’m feeling a bit more hopeful about my tryst with appliqué.
Thank you Kellie for all the time and efforts you are putting into this lovely quilt along.
Appreciate it so much!

It’s that time again when you must be busily finishing off pretty little presents for near and dear… Happy holiday crafting!
Have a wonderful season filled with delights of snow-flakes and candy canes ( ' v ' )