x y z

..waiting anxiously for holiday goodies to come in the post.. Mail man is having trouble delivering parcels on time with snow cover everywhere.

Granny is busy busy sweeping and scrubbing, making the house sparkle with holiday decorations. Then there is baking to do and presents to wrap.. so much to do in so little time!

I am kind of cheating with letter 'Y'. . showing a sail boat and telling everyone, it is a Yacht :/ 

Snowing can be a hindrance to postman but not to little boys who insist on visiting zoo even in the thick of winter! 

I am piecing sashing strips with cuddly characters and text prints in place of corner stones. Maybe when I see you in the New year I will have a quilt top ready to show you :)

It seems fitting to finish this year with X Y Z s. Thank you for cheering me all along ( * v * )
Instructions for making these alphabets are on Temecula Quilt Company blog.

Wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and peaceful holidays 


Stephanie said...

Your bitty ABCs has been joyful to follow. It's so adorable and I know the quilt will be even more so. Thank you for sharing such cute little stories with each letter.

Candace said...

I always say think big! Your boat is a beautiful yacht and will sail along so very nicely with all the other letters! I can't wait to see them all joined together, Pratima!

Anonymous said...

I adore the sashing strips and charming posts Pratima! It is all in the detail.xx