sunrise 2

Now there is a tiny stack of paper pieced blocks on the table keeping me company as I am cutting pieces for the next set.

I am finding the process of selecting fabrics for each block a simple exercise in mixing different colors and prints that I haven't thought about before. 

Seeing each block like a unique quilt and weaving stories into them is also becoming more fun because I am using all my favorite fabrics.

 Even these fabrics look very happy being useful rather than collecting dust sitting on a shelf.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello to these teddy bears! They do look a little shy & bewildered to be in the spotlight so unexpectedly today. I got these cuties at SuperBuzzy. 
Hope to show you more blocks soon. Have a lovely rest of the week! ( ' u ' )


Stephanie said...

Each one sings it's own sweet song. They're adorable and the color and print combinations are fresh and fun. Can't wait to see more.

Nanette Merrill said...

This quilt is going to be epic. You must not give this one to anyone. This is going to be a work of art!

Candace said...

I think you probably know my favorite one has the fish, Pratima ;>) Really, I like them all and the little dried leaves surrounding them on the table are very pretty!

Sarah Chin///Bluprint Textiles said...

Ohhh my! Heather Ross, Cloud9, Kerchief girls!!! These are so delectable! I can't wait to see it finished!