Dilli Meri Jaan

Going back to Delhi after two and a half years brought back all the memories of little things that were exciting to me in the capital city. Here are some pictorial renditions of my musings about life in Delhi.

Our most popular and exciting (as a kid) mode of travelling in comfort, a three wheeler auto rickshaw. And ofcourse there are bicycles too for those who cannot afford these little luxuries.

Eating spicy southern food at Andhra Bhawan near India Gate is almost a rite of passage for every southerner settled in/around the capital.

The sign above reads "Dear Customer, please wait. Allow us to seat you". Needless to say, it gets very crowded during lunch time and hungry crowd can get impatient ;-)

We lost track of our native breed of an Indian dog. But there are all kinds of mutts everywhere on the streets. Most of them are sweet and friendly like this one in the picture chewing on the bangle stand.
And later the puppy said to me - "bother me not if you don’t want to take me home with you".

Idli (steamed savory rice cake) and Dosa (savory rice & lentil crepe)... most often eaten as breakfast or snack.
Malpua, a sweet that just melts in the mouth topped with fresh cream and floats in cardamom flavored syrup.

An eye popping selection of vegetables and fruits at a local fruit market, ofcourse right on the street.
Cottage Emporium, my favorite handicrafts store to browse through the invaluable pieces created by master craftsmen from across various rural towns of India. Delhi is my heart but Hyderabad is my soul. More about Hyderabad in my next post. Until then, enjoy these pictures.

~ Kalyan


Beautifulmind said...

Very interesting

Cathy said...

I loved your post! The colors are so amazing there and the food looks delicious. It's a wonder you could stay away for very long. Thank you!

Avinash Shahdadpuri said...


That's a lovely post. You have captured elements of the city beautifully through your lenses. Waiting for your Hyderabad post :)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and delicious! A friend and I are in the process of looking for an Indian restaurant in our area. Neither of us are familiar with Indian food and are anxious to have a taste.

Esther said...

Love it. The dog is like OMGGGGG awwwww!!! =D T'was such a cute one, guarding the bangles there eh. The food seemed extra yum and I love Dosa!

Amazing pictures and its dil walon ka dilli of course. =)

Nice post btw.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Isn't it wonderful to go "home". To go to see things famililar and dear. It is the best ever. I think what strikes me the most in your pictures are the colors. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant. So lovely.

Thanu said...

Wow!! I had a short tour of Delhi with your lovely pictures Kalyan. and all the goodies...too hard to resist :D

kalyan said...

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. I have only few more India pictures to post. But I will try and keep the future posts as colorful as possible.

Thanu said...

Guess what Kalyan, after seeing the Malpua pic in this post, i suggested the same as one of the deserts for my sister-in-laws wedding. I hope it tastes atleast half as good as this lovely pic.