flowers in the garden

Planting seeds, growing flowers, picking weeds, taking walks along the weeded paths…

…my in-laws have small patches of shrubs and trees all around the house and any time of the year some fresh fruit would be in the season or some sweet plant is bursting with flowers.

For few days that we stayed there, it was an absolute bliss to wake up each day and take lovely walks among the blooms in the morning mist.

We even got to prepare some beds and plant a bunch of seeds.

Can not wait to show you some pictures, if all goes well and they start flowering.

In the meantime, here are few more flowers that are blossoming all over the trellis.

The floral trellis called for a bit of glimmer and that’s how it got bound in a sunny yellow.

Hope you are enjoying heaps of summer sunshine while working in your little gardens :o)
~pics by Kalyan.


Purple and Paisley said...

you are so welcome! thank you for allowing me to do so...☺

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Yes, people need to go and see your amazing pictures!! I have never seen so much color in one place, just beautiful!!

I would love to see what you planted, once it blooms!

Avinash Shahdadpuri said...

Pratima & Kalyan,

These are awesome awesome pictures. I just hope we have more homes like these in urban India.

pratima said...

That is very true, Avinash. It's really sad that it's so hard to find a small patch to garden these days :(

Hope you had a wonderful wonderful trip :)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful and unusual flowers. A perfect post to share your pretty floral quilt.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love the quilt. It is a work of art. So beautiful. The flowers are delightful.

Candace said...

Your quilt is stunning, Pratima! It sounds like your in-laws live in a little piece of heaven!

Thanu said...

I remember such little gardens in almost every house in Bangalore in my childhood days. Not anymore :( .Lovely flowers and equally beautiful quilt Pratima.

pratima said...

So sad that there are no more gardens in cities :(
Thank you for the lovely comments, Thanu!

Lily Boot said...

oooh that's a pretty quilt - I love the colours. And the garden looks beautiful - what a lovely time you must have had.