a trip to Srisailam

The drive through the forests of Nallamala Hills was breathtakingly beautiful.

The afternoon was mild and we decided to take a walk through these festive streets. The air was forest-fresh and the critters and creatures, so very serene.

I was most enchanted with the thatched huts which lined the steps to the Krishna river.

Each of them was so sweetly decorated with vivid colors and pretty motifs.

I remember visiting my Aunt’s house in Tenali, every summer. Though theirs was not a mud house; they had a small hut in the backyard for the cows to keep cool from the hot sun.

And through out the day, it used to be the hub of all our activities… be it, tending to the cows or making dung cakes for the fuel or simply running round and round while my grandma was busy cooking on an open stove.

At the time, most of our relatives and friends were still living in mud huts with thatched roofs and I spent many an evening sitting cross legged on the cool floors, playing with my cousins or reading a favorite story book.

Seeing these little huts brought back a rush of memories which are indescribably delightful…

…if ever I have a dream home, this would be It! ^_^


Thanu said...

wow Pratima,this is beautiful. Isn't it "Life simplified" .The pictures took me back to my childhood days when the summer vacations was spent at a lovely place as this.Hope to hear more from you with all the details.

pratima said...

Thank you, Thanu. Yeah, I just felt very nostalgic the whole time we were there. Didn't feel like coming back :(

Stephanie said...

I love your descriptive writing. Beautiful words. Very unusual for one to wish for simpler things rather than everything more grand.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing your trip and photos through Stephanie with us. Over the years I have had many students from India, who would travel back to visit family and return with their hands painted. As a retired art teacher, I find your artistic nature, both in your handwork and your photos, wonderful.