pink and blue

How was your long weekend? We ended up with a ton of eggplants and tomatoes from our visit to a farm, so we tried some new recipes which luckily turned out well. We also had our fill of ice cream before it gets any more chilly here.

Cooking on a holiday is relaxing, isn't it?!  I wonder what these mom and daughter are planning for their menu? I see some yummy ingredients in their fridge!

Soup is simmering.. timer for the Casserole is set and a candle seems to be glowing brightly on their table, that means dinner is almost ready for this hungry bunny!

Watching the flowers grow taller and taller with each round was fun! Hiding a butterfly and bunny among the wilderness was thrilling! I wish our real kitchen resembled a little bit like this though!

On the back is this 30's print fabric. I used a Japanese linen for the center and the flower fabric is by Megumi Sakakibara. Binding fabric is a linen type gauze fabric by Ecrulat. This hexagon trivet is a paper piecing pattern and wasn't too hard to make. Even the instructions for the binding were very clear.

This week's Zakka project is a travel pouch, roomy and convenient to pack all the necessities for a trip. On the front and back is patchwork with triangles. I varied the layout slightly on each side but the fabrics are the same. Sticking with the theme, I picked some travel fabrics to make this pouch.

The tags on the side also have teeny tiny cars ;)

Inside is this bicycle fabric that Kalyan got me as a surprise present last year. He got a small packet of fabrics that are probably too cute for his taste and he said that the shop lady was very helpful too. I am thankful to both of them and couldn't be more happy with their combined efforts in choosing perfect fabrics!

These patterns are from Ayumi's book, Patchwork please.

I am excited that this is a short week and before we know Friday will be almost here! Have a happy week! (* v *)


elnorac said...

So lovely, Pratima! What a perfect fabric choice for your trivet! I have some of that fabric, so I'll bet you know what I want to do with it ;) That bag is my fav project from Patchwork Please. Love your take on it. ♥

Amy Morinaka said...

Oh my goodness thanks for sharing such loveliness! Love, love, love both projects you have made from Ayumi's gorgeous book! I have made Ayumi's trivet, too, yet I am convinced to make the pretty pouch that you have made :D

Happy zakka making!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my gosh! How cute! You have a flair for finding and using the most darling fabrics. I love to see what you make!

Candace said...

Such an adorable trivet with a story all it's own, Pratima. Your work is wonderful, too! I would certainly travel in style with the a wonderful cosmetic bag! I've been thinking about making one of these myself. How sweet of Kalyan to think of you with this darling fabric - he's a good man :>)

Debbie said...

oh both your projects turned out darling! I love you 'story' with the trivets - SO sweet!

Stephanie said...

It's always fun to see your choice of fabrics. I always know they'll pair perfectly with the project. I think Kalyan is sweet to think of you and he has very good taste. A day at a farm sounds such fun. Our tomato plants are allowing us to get lots of freshness into our recipes.