pencil case

When it comes to color pencils and crayons, Camel was the popular brand in our school days. Every year their watercolors box used to come out in the market with a new packaging and a colorful picture on the tin case. My old Camel box almost rusted but still cheerful, is the inspiration for the pencil case I made for the zakka along.

I paper pieced these pencils with the pattern in 'Patchwork please' book.  But I made some error while tracing the pattern and the outside pencils turned out wider than they should be. I used up the only scrap piece I had of this teal color dots which I really liked. So I just left it as it is. I am telling myself this is a variety pack  : /

The empty space in the center was calling for a label, so I stamped the letters with black ink and appliqued a heart with no. 5 that I found on a selvage. I wanted to imitate the happy pictures we usually see on packages, so I embroidered an apple with a tiny stem. The only thing left is to stamp the name of this Pencil case's owner next to the apple.

Camel of course is the mascot for Camel company. So I applique'd him on the back. It came from a Japanese fabric and the shawl on top of the camel has sparkly embellishments which is so cute! 

This camel looked somewhat lonely and lost and he was very much in need of a friend, so I added a tag on the side with 3 dots that almost form a face. In time I hope they will get to know each other and look much happier than they appear now..

Lining fabric is this blue striped yarn dyed fabric. It has a very organic feel to it. I used a fusible fleece inside for cushioning. 

I am sad to say this probably is my last project in the Zakka along. There are still few tempting projects like bags and quilts that I haven't made yet but I am feeling satisfied with the amazing versions of these projects I see in the Flickr group. If I get a chance anytime soon, I would love to attempt Ayumi's envelope quilt that I have been drooling over, ever since I got this book.

I feel incredibly lucky to take part in this sew along as I met so many new friends and learnt so much through them. Thanks so much for cheering me on and keeping me company all along. 
I cannot express in words how much I appreciate your encouragement and kindness ( ' v ' )

Thank you, Ayumi, Debbie and Lindsey for your selfless efforts and devotion to every part of this wonderful event and for bringing a spring in my step these past few months :)


Debbie said...

Well, Selfishly, I am sad that this is your last project to make in the book with still a few weeks left. This has been a great event, and your projects have been such a highlight for me. Your sewing style is unique and beautiful, and your pencil case is lovely!

Debbie said...

oh I am sad you are 'done' too - I love your style! What a darling pencil case you made!

Stephanie said...

I know you're imagining new and wonderful projects of your own to share with us and to keep your creative hands busy. You add such personality to each of your projects. The special touches on the pencil pouch are just perfect.

Candace said...

What an adorable re-creation of your beloved Camel Box! If only the old box could speak, it would be so proud of what you've done, Pratima! I've loved all your projects from the sew-along - it's been so much fun to see your personal touch on them all!