mystery quilt

Beginning of a new quilt means lot of fun and happiness.. this time my cause for this excitement are little raggedy scraps. For a long time I was occupied with one project or other and couldn't really do anything about their growing population except for keeping one lazy eye on them and waiting.

I love looking at scrap quilts full of life and containing many fond memories and stories for their quilter. It is perfect timing that Sandy announced a mystery quilt along with scraps called 'Scrapitude'. This quilt pattern is created by Sandy's talented friend Charlotte. If you like to know more details, please visit her blog. Instructions are given once a month with a break in busy December, so it should be manageable to do.

I got to the point of sorting the scraps and cutting some squares.. still a looongggg way to go for this queen size quilt ;)
Along with other odd pieces that I have, I plan to use this adorable charm pack from Nanette to soften the color palette and add more variety. I am choosing a white background to bring a sense of calm to the quilt. It is my first time doing a mystery quilt, I hope I learn to be more flexible and go with the flow with this exercise. Flickr group for the quilt along is here.

Thank you Charlotte, Sandy for giving a purpose and a second life to my scraps ( ' v ' )
I have been admiring Sandy and her lighthearted Podcast 'Quilting for the rest of us' for sometime. Sandy's voice is warm and friendly and very comforting to listen to. I feel like she is one of the gifts that I got from this blogging community. 

Wish you a Happy Autumn, friends!


Stephanie said...

I heart scrap quilts very much and wish I took more time to make them. Watching the mystery unfold will be lots of fun. I'll be eagerly following along with your progress. You have such wonderful scraps to work with.

Candace said...

Scraps and a mystery quilt - what a fun combination, Pratima! I can't wait to see what the mystery unfolds :>) Happy Autumn to you and Kalyan!

Amy Morinaka said...

Oh I just can't wait to see the finished quilt that you will make from those charming fabric pieces! Good luck and enjoy your crafty moments!!