These are the iphone cases I made for Kalyan and his friend as small presents.

I made this brown one sometime ago from Kalyan's old linen shirt and his friend seemed to like it too. So I made another one from a navy blue shirt for him. The tags on the side are my favorite feature.. Boy + Apple = Happy smile. This apple ribbon is really delicious! It is a Japanese linen tape by Shinzi Katoh.

As the fabrics are plain, I thought the French seams on the sleeves of the shirt will add some interesting detail. The flaps were cut from the cuff of the sleeve to avoid sewing any complicated closures or buttonholes. It was a pleasant surprise that the width of the cuff was a perfect fit to attach to the case. I only had to sew those buttons to finish the pouch. 
I padded them with fusible batting for added protection. 

Unauthorized people should be very careful about putting their fingers inside... this scary looking crocodile is Pochi and guards the phone round the clock. As long as the Phone is inside it will always be safe I guess! This is a double gauze fabric that I got at SuperBuzzy.

Kalyan's friend has two dogs. When I was planning for this pouch I remembered having a fat quarter of Heather Ross's dog fabric. I was so happy to find two dogs that looked exactly like their pets. One side of the lining has this white dog and the other side has the tall brown dog playing with a ball. I couldn't get a clear picture of the brown dog though :(

These are the measurements I used to cut the pieces for these iphone cases if you are interested in making one :)
for body (cut 2 each from main fabric, lining, batting) : 5 1/2" long  x 3 1/2" wide
for the flap (cut a piece of the cuff that has the buttonhole) : 2 1/2" long

 I used 1/4" seam allowances which are included in the measurements. 

Now for the fun part.. today is our harvest festival called Pongal and is a day of giving thanks.. I would love to share these vintage handkerchiefs as a little thank you to my blog friends.

I collected these during our visits to Brimfield Antique show and some on etsy and ebay to use in my Basket quilt. I didn't include the whole set in this picture just to keep some as a surprise :)

If you don't mind I can also include the ones that I have cut into, to use in the baskets. The leftover flowers are all still usable for Applique or in doll clothes. Please note that since most of them are vintage they may have slight stains here and there.
Please let me know if you are interested in the comments. If there is more than one comment Chutki is eager to draw a name on Sunday ( ' v ' ). Thank you so much for playing along :)

Happy Pongal!!

Update: I will mail them to you soon, Nanette! Thank you so much!
 Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend :)


Nanette Merrill said...

You are clever! I love how you made the phone cases from shirts. Perfect down to the button. And the little tags are adorable. I hope Kalyan's friend appreciates the care you put into his and the sweet dog lining! You are just so clever. You always amaze me. good luck with your giveaway. I'm trying to give away some things to my nieces from my collections, too. It is nice to give things to others that will use them. It makes me happy and I know it does you too.

Candace said...

What wonderful cases, Pratima! I love the whimsy and detail you put into everything! Hope you had a wonderful Pongal with some yummy dishes! Alas my collection of vintage hankies (as my grandmother called them) is quite large already. I just know someone out there will love them as much as you do!