snow day in the forest

At first it was only some twinkling snow flakes tickling the nose
and pine trees covered in silver dust..

little by little it was getting cold and dark and the forest ground turned wispy white.

shivering and socks soaking wet, the hungry wolf walked until he came upon a blue cabin in the woods.
He wiggled his toes and rolled his eyes and fully surprised to find a shelter in this place.

He hung his wet socks near the window and lit a match stick to start the fire.

Soon the cottage will be warm and his socks will be dry. Seeing how smoke is puffing out of the chimney, supper is already cooking on the stove… 

Hopefully when the wolf is properly fed and settles into his sleep, this little bird can sneak in to thaw her frozen feathers and rest up for the night!

With fresh snow falling every few days in December, I got into the mood to make this baby quilt. Looking at Red riding hood and hungry wolves holding tightly onto their capes and shawls in this winter storm, I felt sorry for them. So I built this cottage with a bright pink roof to make it easy to spot from afar even on stormy days like this.

I fussy cut squares with baby items that are in the center and did reverse appliqué for the door and window of the cottage. The snow on the roof is fused and attached with slip stitch. It was fun adding other details with simple embroidery. There is even a snow shovel to clear the path :)

The blue and green fabrics are linen. This soft pink fabric with  pine trees is by puti de pome and is a linen cotton mix.

I found this pink fabric with stripes at Jo-Ann’s. It is also a linen cotton mix and very soft.
               This quilt is about 29" x 32". 

New Year gives hope and a fresh beginning for us.. Wish you a great start into this new year and may all your wishes and dreams for 2013 come true! ( * v * )


Stephanie said...

Each quilt always tells such an imaginative story. Wonderful fabric choices and always photographed so beautifully.

Candace said...

Even the wolf needs to come in from the cold, Pratima. How nice of you to think of him! And how nice that Red Riding Hood can see her cottage better in the snow, too! What a fun quilt for a baby and a story to tell him or her as they lay down to sleep!

Maureen T. said...

What an adorable, cozy baby quilt! The fabrics are lovely and you did a wonderful job designing and constructing the top. It's great!

Michele Bilyeu said...

A wonderful, wonderful quilt. This is the kind we should all be making...filled with wonderful creative energy filled with heart! I am so happy I discovered your blog through Tanya's.

Nanette Merrill said...

This is a wonderful story and a great quilt. You are the queen of staging. I love the snow and the snow just covering the grass under the quilt. And the snow misting everywhere...super amazing. I love the reverse applique, too. It makes the things pop. Winner winner. Adorable.