waiting for spring and baskets full of posies

sweeping stars in the sky is a rare sight these days

ladybugs on the lawn are even rarer

itsy bitsy bear waved a hello

we went to yummy house and had a round round cookie, all our worries melted like snow.

These are the blocks for Amanda's Block-a-day quilt along. I came to know about it recently and got so smitten with her mini patchwork blocks that I couldn't stop myself from tagging along. Only rule is to use scraps and have fun. 

Some of the patterns I followed are from 'Quick little quilts' book which has neat lessons for piecing tiny blocks including pressing directions which was very helpful for my first blocks. Quilting.about.com also has nice tutorials to make them in different sizes. I am waiting for Susan Briscoe's '130 mini quilt blocks' book in the mail, then I can simply turn a page and make a block for that day :)

Have a cookie and stay safe in this wild weather! ( * - * )


Karisma said...

What sweet blocks! =) Your work is always so soft and sweet! Wow! Planning on making a block a day! How lovely! =) Thank you as always for sharing!

Stephanie said...

Sugar coated minis that are sweet as candy. Another wonderful story quilt in the making.

Jody M said...

I heard that your area got hammered with snow!!! Good to stay indoors and make your lovely little blocks! Stay safe and warm.

Candace said...

Adorable little mini's, Pratima! Is that another little mud doll? So very sweet!