Valentine's day is almost here with pretty chocolate boxes in mouthwatering flavors tempting at every turn. I got to thinking about making a cute candy of patchwork kind with our own favorite fillings and shiny wrappers that won't disappear in a matter of seconds but are safely satisfying.

A short tutorial if you are also in a chocolate mood :)
Candy block size = 2.75" square.

Choose a fussy cut center ( a ) - cut 1 square - 1. 5".
choose background ( b ), candy wrapper  (c ) - cut 1 of each, 1. 5" square.
background (d ) -  cut 4 rectangles - 1. 5" x 1 1/8" wide.
background (e) - cut 2 squares - 1 1/8".

Make 2 Half square triangles with b, c. Trim to size 1 1/8".
( steps to make Half square triangle block is in the above photo )

For a snowball like center piece..

* Cut 2 squares from background ( f ) = 3/4" 

* Take center square ( a ). Place ( f ) on opposite corners. 

* Draw a line from corner to corner diagonally. Sew on this line.

* Trim the edge leaving 1/4" seam allowance. Press corner piece to outside.

* Now follow the above photo and sew the pieces together one row at a time, pressing seams toward ( d ).

* Sew top row to center row, press seams open.

* Now sew the last row to the center row, press seams open. 

* Enjoy your colorful candy!

I don't know if a pattern for this block already exists, I just made this out of a whim and I hope the measurements are correct. I did test them on two blocks, if there is a mistake or a typo, please forgive me ( ^ o ^ )

♥ Have a Happy day! 


Karen Caves said...

Very cute....thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be making this adorable block!!

The Patchsmith said...

Love these - I'm going to have to make one or two .... right now!

p.s. Would love to be able to follow your blog via email. Any chance of a blogger widget/button?

Stephanie said...

Tasty, sweet and colorful taffy and chocolate. Adorable and generous of you to share your tutorial. Thank you. Happy Heart's Day to you!

Candace said...

What sweet and tasty designs, Pratima! They remind me of salt water taffy from Cape May, NJ!