soft and delicate

I brought home a bunch of white tulips yesterday. They are on the window sill making the room so peaceful. After a long slumber it is wonderful to see nature coming alive in its many forms.

Fresh flower scents, rain drops, tender leaves of trees, chirping birds prompted me to start a nature themed quilt with pale spring like colors. 

We turn a corner and suddenly a bright flower shooting out of the dirt takes us by surprise. I was tempted to put a pop of that color in the center.

The activity outside is bustling and busy... rosy nosed pups and yellow beaked baby birds will soon be here to complete the happy picture. 

I am simply cutting 1.25" wide strips and piecing them into a Courthouse step pattern. Block size is around 7.25" unfinished.
To portray the colors I had in mind, I thought gauze fabrics with their soft weave and delicate colors will suit better. If you are interested in double gauze fabrics, fabricworm.com, fabricsupply @ Etsy and Superbuzzy have an adorable selection. I got most of my fabrics from these shops.

How are your spring gardens coming along? We are excited about going to the nursery over the weekend and plan for our tiny balcony garden ( ' v ' )

Thank you for stopping by!!


Stephanie said...

Your courthouse steps blocks sing of Sweet Spring. So pretty and very delicate. We have a robin nesting in the trellis by our front door. She scolds us when we open our front door. Shame on us. :o)

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh they are so soft and pretty. I love the touch of color in the center. I have never used gauze fabric in a quilt. What a wonderful idea for a lightweight quilt for spring. I cannot wait to see more!

Candace said...

What lovely, airy blocks, Pratima! Oh yes, they make me think of all things blooming and waking from a long winter's rest. Don't you just love all of nature's little surprises this time of year?! I'm sure you and Kalyan will have a lovely cottage garden soon.

Michaelanne said...

I love LOVE the simplicity of your blocks...and the meaning behind them! Again, I am just IN LOVE with these...soft, colorful..and just SO HOMEY!!!! You are a wonderful artist Pratima....I so enjoy your work!