giveaway draw

Thank you very much for your kind comments and for participating in the giveaway. It means so much to me that honey bee had that many loving invitations to choose from for its new home.

I asked Kalyan to help me with the draw and he picked this slip.

Seed packet quilt goes to Jody @ thevanillayear,
Maureen opted for the book. I will email you both today.

I am so sorry for any disappointment. Sharing my work with friends gives me as much pleasure as making, I hope to do more giveaways in the future as time permits, Please join me in the fun next time ( ' v ' )

Wish you a beautiful Spring weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I can barely breathe!!!!! I will hang your dear piece in my favorite room where I sit often and hand quilt. Thank you beyond words. Thank you! I have seriously NEVER won anything, ever. (should I go buy that lottery ticket now?) Speaking of tickets, I got one this morning. And it soured the day, but you have sweetened it for me, thank you dear Pratima!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Congratulations to the winners.. love your new header! They are always so cute!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations to your winners. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Candace said...

Congratulations to your winners, Pratima! They are so lucky to have one of your special treats!

Maureen T. said...

Thank you so much!! I'm so excited to be receiving Stephanie's book!! What a treat!! I'm so lucky!!

Ella and Nesta said...

Does this mean you still have the quilt to give away?! Forever hopeful...!

Amy Morinaka said...

Congratulations to the winners!! And how sweet is that envelope block...Awww. Your combination of fabrics (especially the use of linen + prints) is always so fresh and inspiring!