Diwali lights

Stephanie's new pattern Confetti  felt to me like Diwali lights twinkling in rows on a moonless night., while anticipating for the festival and making preparations in the house last week, I sat down to sew blocks for this quilt.

A bright Echino fabric in purple with mint dots looked perfect for the glowing star lights in the center of each block. I only had 2 fat quarters of this print but seemingly endless supply of scraps for the background. So to make the quilt a reasonable size, I had to divert a little from the original pattern and added a sashing of scrappy squares in between the blocks.

With chain piecing it didn't take long to prepare the blocks and put them together.

Every festival is exciting for kids but Diwali is a special time because along with new clothes to wear, they also get a packet of fire crackers to burn in the evening.. coincidentally I have a fabric with happy girls showing off their new dresses. There is also one naughty girl throwing tantrums on a pillow, may be for an extra share of Diwali sweets..  hehe. .  I added 2 1/2" wide strips of this fabric as border.

For the backing, I went through some of my long forgotten fabrics and got out a flower print that was purchased in a busy market place in Delhi, years ago. Without meaning to, a bit of Indian fragrance seeped into this baby quilt. It is 36" x 46".

I have always been in awe of Stephanie's creativity whether it is coming up with beautiful patterns reflecting a hint of old quilt traditions or making those designs come alive with playful dots and pop of brilliant colors. Now I am thrilled to hear that Stephanie's book Uncommonly Corduroy is about to come out in February.. I can barely contain my excitement for this book and fresh dose of inspiration waiting inside!

I also made progress with the 'Scrapitude' mystery quilt and completed units for the next step.. 128 big triangle patches and another 44 of the smaller triangle patches. According to the fabric suggestions, this quilt requires only medium and dark colored scraps, so I was able to put left over light scraps to good use with the Confetti  pattern. Thank you, Stephanie!

Have a happy week!  ( ' u ' )


Candace said...

Ohhh...I am tickled purple to see your version of Stephanie's Confetti! I just imagine the streets in India during Diwali with all the magical poofs of colored dust floating around in this quilt, Pratima! To have that little hint of street fragrance in it must make you feel like you're almost there! Happy Diwali!

Stephanie said...

I echo Candace's "tickled purple" comment. I must say you put the sweetest touch on every project you make and this project makes me very happy. Twinkling lights make festivals a time of wonder and merriment. Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous version of Confetti! Happy Diwali.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh my,both the other girls said it all. Beautiful work, with you special touches make for one very pretty quilt. Enjoy your celebration!

Andres said...

so pretty!

Maureen T. said...

It's a wonderful quilt! I love the pattern and your fabric choices were perfect for it.