prickly leaves

velvety moss

crisscrossing bark

tickling sand

feathery fern

clusters of fruit

foaming waves

cat's whiskers

sun baked earth

melody of an evening

Kalyan took these pictures in Hawaii. I am taking advantage of his busy work schedule and imposing my voice on his vision. I hope he doesn't mind ;-) 

We went to a botanical garden near Hilo which is a must see for plant lovers. It resembled a rain forest with lush tropical trees, all kinds of mosses and exotic flowers.. in every direction we looked we were treated to a kaleidoscope of textures. It was overwhelmingly hard to commit even a drop of what we saw into memory as it kept getting overwritten by the next scene and the next sound. We felt very grateful for a chance to visit the garden and this magical Island. 

Thank you so much for indulging me with your visit. If I am not boring you, I would love to share one more post of pictures :) 

Have a Happy Halloween!  ( * W * )


Candace said...

You have the perfect voice for Kalyan's vision, Pratima! Such gorgeous photos. I will put that garden on our list if we visit Hawaii again! Happy Halloween!

Andres said...

Post away!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh please keep posting. The pictures are just beautiful.

Stephanie said...

Yes please to more photos. Hawaii is the perfect place to visit for the senses and your voice captures Kalyan's photo in a magical way.

Amy Morinaka said...

Happy November Pratima :D

Kaylan's talents in photography is amazing! He captures the most brilliant images of the magical island! Thanks again for sharing the beautiful images.

pratima said...

A very Happy November, Amy! Thank you for your sweet compliments on the pictures. It is my pleasure to share them with you :)