Bell pepper coasters

 Zakka along 2.0 is beginning today for Ayumi's book 'Patchwork Please' with these crunchy Bell pepper coasters and I ended up with a bowl full of them. Now I have to look for a recipe that is suitable for our sprightly peppers :)

a red one to add a touch of sweetness

yellow to soften the flavors

and green for its freshness.

Since the fabrics I was using were subtle, I thought about bringing the missing color with these velvet ribbons. I am happy with the effect it gives. A little search for them led me to this Etsy shop. I was surprised at the beautiful range of shades available! They are like candy.. hard to stop at one or two colors, isn't it?!
The green and red coasters are made with Megumi Sakakibara fabrics and yellow coaster with Puti de pome fabric.

How lucky to have a cellist play music for us while we are enjoying tea in the evening!

On the back is a single daisy sitting quietly probably lost in the music.. this fabric is cotton linen from Jo-Anns. Inside is a piece of cotton batting. I finished them with hand stitching on the edges to add to the rustic look.

I hope you will make these simple and charming coasters sometime or better yet join us in this lively sew along. I am oohing over all the cool projects already being posted in the Flickr group ( * o * )
A huge bunch of thanks to Debbie and Lindsey for hosting and to Ayumi for adorable patterns!! It is a lot of effort for sure!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a delicious week!  ( ' u ' )


Stephanie said...

Very tasty and pleasing to the eyes. I love the velvet ribbon. Makes the bell peppers even more luscious.

paulapatchwork said...

how lovely are these? I could never choose only one! xxx

Ann Marie said...

Charming. You have such talent for choosing fabrics.

Anonymous said...

Your peppers are just extraordinary and subtle and juicy. The velvet ribbon made me squeal! You are an artist, aren't you, disquised as a quilter. Tell the truth.

Debbie said...

oh these are just delightful! Love your take on the project!

Candace said...

I've never seen such delightful peppers, Pratima! While they look good enough to eat, I think I'd just display them throughout the year! Your velvet ribbon and hand stitching are just the perfect touches!

Nanette Merrill said...

You made these! I want to make them too. I just need to make time. Of course your attention to detail shines.

Maureen T. said...

OMG! These are adorable!!