sunrise 6

Hello, good morning! Hope you are enjoying outdoors and getting some color in your cheeks :)

We visited New York for the weekend.

Everywhere we looked the contrast of hard and soft was very apparent in the city,

nature mingling with architecture in a patchwork of green, gray and brick orange.

The High line public park built on historic rail line especially feels like a mini example of this contrast.. grasses, shrubs and trees growing out of concrete and iron surrounded by apartment buildings.

This mile long walk way was almost floating in the air and felt pleasantly surreal. 

During one of these city walks, we came across a dog park unexpectedly.. from neatly groomed poodles to neon collared pugs,  there were all kinds, tagging along their owners or playing catch.

We forgot about the ticking clock and sat there until it was dinner time.

I think all that walking has worked up our appetite. We ate our fill of pastries and pies before the trip was over. I highly recommend 'Four and Twenty Blackbirds'  located in Brooklyn if you are fond of sweet and savory pies. We would have loved to try all the items on their menu if our tummies weren't already bursting!

I hope your day is just as sweet as the honey shoofly pie we tasted ( ' v ' )


Candace said...

So many pretty blocks, Pratima! I just saw something on PBS recently about that elevated park on the old rail line! How wonderful that you were able to experience it! Did the dog park have you wishing for an addition to your family? I think Mr. Squash would have been hard to remove from the pie place ;>) Glad you had a wonderful time!

Stephanie said...

Again, a lovely story. I enjoy my trip to NY with you. Especially the lone polka dot strip. I have never been to NY but Four and Twenty Blackbirds will be on my list. I love Shoofly Pie. I use my grandmother's recipe. :o) You have me on the edge of my seat until these blocks become a quilt.

Maureen T. said...

Your blocks are really wonderful! I love all your fabric choices and the combinations that compose each block are very cute!!

Nanette Merrill said...

I'd say Brooklyn has the best food in the NY area. Really. Your blocks so inspire me. It makes me want to get out my quilt and work on it. Sew fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Your fabrics are to die for.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I have never been to NY but would love to. Your blocks are amazing. I just love how you put colors together.