sunrise 5

We went for a walk in our neighborhood two days ago and felt a thrill to see tiny flowers sprouting up.
Now the days are not too far when we can visit our favorite park!

It has a sweet little pond ..not quite a lotus pond like this girl here is enjoying but lot of wild flowers on the bank and soft grass to lie down on. There are turtles popping out from time to time and frogs croaking from under the shrubs.

We usually bake a small treat of apple cake or biscuits and carry some ice tea with us.

When we get bored of staring at the turtles or hearing the frogs and finished nibbling our treats, it is time to go deeper into the woods in search of new sights. Lucky for us, there are no bad wolves stalking behind us, only hopping squirrels!

On the way there are always fluttering butterflies greeting us or some beautiful flower that we haven't seen before.

When you walk so much and see so many pretty things, it is only natural that you will have a very pleasant sleep in the night! 

sweet dreams!  ^v^ 


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed the walked. Love exploring new things in Spring and eating tea and cakes. It's becoming Spring here as well and I can't wait to wiggle my toes in the grass. Very sweet additions to your quilt story.

Nanette Merrill said...

I love your progress and your stories that go with them. It is fun to know we have some of the same fabrics.

ayumills said...

I just love the way you tell stories along with those cute blocks! They are truly too cute for words! I love them all!