basket full of wishes - part 5

Being a Chocolate lover it was like a dream to plan for these Chocolate baskets. I wish I could fill the whole quilt with them. These cute candy makers have been working hard to come up with delicate creamy confections. They are all neatly wrapped and tied in pretty bows, ready for our enjoyment.

Please come in for a cup of hot-chocolate and some serious Chocolate tasting ( ' v ' )

I thought we could indulge in some knitting too as winter is approaching and new woolens to wear would be nice :)

My friend's mom used to knit beautiful sweaters for everyone in the family. 
She loved this block as they have many fond memories of their mom knitting for them, probably with a basket just like this sitting next to her.

mm... Truffles! Almond coconut, Honey Hazelnut, Chocolate Rasberry, Tangerine rose.. 
pick your favorite :)

Not a happy sight for this poor chef! Chocolate attracts naughty kids & puppies and even a trail of hungry ants..

Love is in the air!

Boy : on a date today? 
Girl: I am your fan!

Both the bride and groom adore Chocolate as much as I do. I imagined their secret wish must be sitting in this Chocolate heaven enjoying until the last bite disappears into their tummy! :)

Have a sweet day!!! 


Stephanie said...

Now I'm dreaming of chocolate. I need to stay out of the Halloween Basket of goodies. What a delightful post. And yummy too. Every little detail is so sweet and I love that you have knitting in your first basket.

Candace said...

My cravings are going wild right now, Pratima! I would love to dive into each and every basket - well, maybe not the one with the ants....! How clever your piecing is with those little bugs - you've truly made a masterpiece!

Nanette Merrill said...

You are so talented. every basket is like a new painting. Which is my favorite? So hard to choose. perhaps the knitting? no, the last one with the little gnomes. not sure! They are all so darling.