basket full of wishes - borders

I hope you had a gorgeous fall weekend! After a week of rain and clouds, weather was perfect here, so we went for a walk along Charles River to soak in the colors. I also made this Pumpkin Stew after a long time. I guess shades of yellows and oranges sum up our weekend!

I finished putting binding on the Basket quilt and we took some pictures in the Arboretum. I have few miscellaneous blocks left to share with you but for a change I will show you borders today ( ' v ' )

I planned two borders for the quilt. A pieced inner border of triangles to echo the shapes in the basket and a plain border on the outside to create more happy scenes with appliqué. 

I prepared a template which is slightly smaller than the triangles I used in Basket handles. This template also helped me in fussy cutting interesting prints for this border. There are Chocolate wrappers, small baskets, kitchen objects, fruits & veggies, cute bunnies, text prints,  flowers and polka dots. It will be fun for our friends to discover something new every time they look at the quilt.

I wasn't too worried about this border not being a perfect fit in the corners as I was going to mask any irregularities with appliqué pieces like you see in this above picture. I covered a misfit triangle with these mushrooms ;)

 I had to stitch the applique' pieces by hand as it proved difficult to turn the quilt top freely to machine appliqué them. But I was careful to press the pieces on a fusible before attaching them to the border to avoid any fraying later.

( a French chef ready to prepare Sunday brunch & Ironing on a Friday )

This is a funny scene I added on the top. Wife is getting ready to go for shopping with her friends and is in her dreamy world oblivious to her husband cleaning the house. Husband is not very happy about it but on the outside he is praising his wife on looking so pretty! ( I have this dreamy feeling too when I go for fabric shopping. And I get the same expression from Kalyan like this guy here ;)

Like this "Spoon & Fork", and "Cup & Saucer" our friends are made for each other and are so perfect together!! We wish them all the happiness in the world!

There are few more scenes in this border but I didn't take good close-up shots of them. I hope they will show up well when I post pictures of the whole quilt next week.
Enjoy a lovely evening! ( " v " )


Andres said...

Did someone say pumpkin stew? The quilt is looking great!

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh my gosh I love how you put appliques in the border. The quilting is lovely and the border is lovely. It is a true work of art. You should have this put in a magazine. I'm serious. This needs to be published.

Stephanie said...

Every little attention to detail is fabulous. Truly the happiest quilt I have seen in a very long time. My favorite it that little tea cup in the border. :o) I remember you posting about the pumpkin stew and I wanted to make it. Thank you for reminding me. I actually have tamarind concentrate from another recipe I made recently. Yum.

Brown Dirt Cottage said...

Your quilt is just FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!!



Candace said...

The little unexpected surprises in the quilt are so wonderful, Pratima! I am dying to see the entire quilt! Gosh the pumpkin stew sounds wonderful. I may have to make this soon!

Ann Champion said...

This quilt turned out just fantastic! I absolutely love all of the details you added to each basket and the border and I'm sure the couple will love it too.
I loved the Many Trips Around the World you did for your traveling friends in mind, but this one rivals it. Fun..fun...fun!!!