Hiking in Greylock State Reservation

Usually we go hiking in Vermont or New Hampshire but this time we wanted to hike in Berkshires and stay local in the home state of Massachusetts. So naturally I picked Mt. Greylock State Reservation which offers numerous hiking possibilities. Mt. Greylock is also the highest point in Massachusetts.

Mt. Greylock is a state reservation that is also a home to 93 ft tall Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower that was dedicated in 1933. “Erected by Massachusetts in grateful recognition of the loyalty and sacrifice of her sons and daughters in war”. Absolutely perfect place in memory of brave people who fought in the First World War. The views from the top of the tower stretch into the neighboring states of Vermont (Green Mountains), New York (Catskills) Connecticut and a distant New Hampshire (White Mountains).

There is also a Bascom Lodge at the summit with a kitchen serving food and provides accommodations to the visitors. We decided to stay there for the night after a 3 hour drive and a short hike on day one. We opted for a room with bunk beds. I had no idea what it would be like rooming with a bunch of people. Luckily we had the whole room for ourselves for that night except for the guests in other two family rooms. The views from the room were spectacular.

We picked a short trail on the day we arrived called Robinson's Point trail. Though the trail is of short distance, it was quite steep and slippery. Lost the trail couple of times but we got back on track quickly. The view of the valley below when we reached Robinson's Point was just amazing. We sat there and enjoyed our quickly assembled pbj sandwiches while watching the stillness in the valley below. The trail story is here if you are curious.

We had dinner at the lodge that night and I should say it is the best we have had in a long long time. All of the vegetables and meat is sourced from local farms in the surrounding valleys. Roasted vegetables, mushrooms, with capers were served for salad. For entree, we had eggplant meatballs, with pickled beets, poached tomatoes, braised beans, broccoli and mushrooms. Dessert was a chocolate crepe filled with slices of banana and chocolate mousse which couldn't have been more perfect with the sunset views .

We ended the evening with a wide grin on our faces and happy tummies. But the best was yet to come…I realized being on top of mountain and no light pollution, it provides a nice opportunity for star gazing. We walked out, saw this deep dark sky lit with countless stars, and a blob of milky way cutting across the sky….it was like powdered sugar on a velvet cake. Unfortunately words are all I have to describe because the rechargeable batteries I had gave up on me and iPhone is useless to take a picture of the night sky.

We woke up in the morning to a spectacular sunrise that was captured ineffectively by my iPhone. We started our day hike from the summit to the March Cataract waterfalls and to the Stony Ledge. I guess the storm prior day made the waterfalls to gush even more. Hope you like these pictures. The trail story is here.

Fall is here, hope you are all making the most of the sunny days we are having.

~ Kalyan


Stephanie said...

Breathtaking views. Serene, peaceful, lovely. I've often wondered which I like best, sunrise or sunset. I think the sunrise is the most magical. I miss mountains very much, now living in the flat lands of the Midwest. Thank you for sharing this special place.

Candace said...

What a gorgeous place! We once drove through the Berkshires and would love to go back. Now with your wonderful tour, we know where to go! So glad you had a lovely time!

Maureen T. said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and wonderful recounting of your trip to the Berkshires. It was all so beautiful. The views are fantastic and so clear. I especially love the photo of the waterfall! Thanks again!

ashima said...

WOW looks like such a wonderful trip! The pictures are breathtaking and the trail stories really help us feel like we were there with you. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip and a great way to spend a few days of Summer! Hope there are more fun fall trips ahead!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Kalyan your photos are always spectacular. I kept thinking "this is my favorite" and the next would take me over and I'd think "no, this is my favorite". What a beautiful place.