for Amy

I love reading Amy’s blog and admire her beautiful quilts and learn so much from her wonderful lessons in quilting. I’m deeply sorry to hear of her Husband’s passing few days ago. Sarah is planning to make quilts for Amy and her daughter Annabel and wrap them in our love and warmth in this difficult time.

for Amy

Amy likes to work with Kaffe Fasset fabrics which is the outline in planning of these quilts. I put the center strip with birds and their little ones to express the sentiment that loved ones who passed on watch over us.

for Annabel
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Amy.


Stephanie said...

You always put such sentiment behind everything you do. I know much happiness will be received to help comfort Amy and Anabel in their time of sorrow.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Amy is amazing. I've learned so much from her. What sweet blocks.

Maureen T. said...

It is wonderful of you to send your love and comfort to them with your beautiful quilt blocks!

Brigitte Heitland said...

They will feel your love and your thoughts!