On a windswept day

Leela and her friend roly-poly frog sat in the warm sun watching flowers floating in the pond.

A twittering swallow flew her way and dropped a flower, very fresh and very blue.

When roly-poly frog went for a dip in the pond, Leela walked home happily with lovely blue flower in hand.

I made this quilt block for Partnership quilts for 2012 Tokyo quilt festival.

After drafting a 9” x 9” block on graph paper, I used paper-piecing technique to do the squares which are focus of the block. Then added rest of the pieces to complete the story. I stitched these blue flowers by hand and added ripples around them with silver thread.

Sun being a significant part of Japanese culture I put it in the block as a symbol of hope.

Focus fabric is 'Trefle' by Kokka which is one of my favorites. There are also various linen and double guaze fabrics in here.

(picture from Ayumi's blog)

The theme this year for Partnership quilts is triangles and squares. Blocks sent by the quilters around the world are made into quilts and at the end of last day, these will be auctioned to help those suffered from earthquake. If you are interested in making a block, there is still lot of time. Deadline for the blocks to reach Japan is August 31.

Please visit Ayumi’s blog Pink penguin for all the details.
Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a tiny part of Tokyo Quilt festival, Ayumi! ( ' u ' )

Have a beautiful evening! ( * u * )


Lily Boot said...

beautiful block Pratima! So gentle - like laying a gentle hand when someone is hurting. The fabric is so pretty - the little girl is darling - and I love the technique you've used - I've not tried this method of piecing before but have seen a few blocks made with it lately - hmmm ... The finished quilts are sure to be really lovely :-)

Thanu said...

Such a thoughtful thing to do in your own special way Pratima. Love the little story that your sweet block says.

Stephanie said...

Soothing colors. Love your little story. Quilts of comfort bring great joy.

Martha said...

This is the sweetest block ever, Pratima -- I love the little story and your paper-piecing (which I am incredibly bad at doing) is perfect. I can hardly believe the block is only 9".

A beautiful block for a wonderful cause. Fabulous work, as usual!

Ann Champion said...

What a wonderful little story your block tells! I love all of the details you've added. Such a wonderful cause it's going to. :)

ayumills said...

It is absolutely amazing, pratima! I love the beautiful message behind your block and how you combined soft colored fabrics can't be better! I feel so lucky that I will get to see this in person and call it my friend's block!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are an artist! I love the story behind the block. It is beautiful and so perfect for the subject. I'm extremely impressed.

ashima said...

So wonderful! Beautiful, elegant, and dainty just like you! Absolutely love it.

Belinda said...

What a lovely soft and so soothing to look at little quilt!! This is just soooo sweet Pratima!!!

sewplay said...

Dear Pratima, your block is so,so beautiful and inspirational. The whimsy and love will surely be heartening and comforting.Kathy