Roses at Minot Garden

Ever since we stumbled on this garden in 2008, we have been visiting every year and find ourselves eagerly looking forward to visiting again next year. Recently, Minot Rose Garden has undergone a renovation with more benches to sit and enjoy these little beauties. These are the pictures from our second visit this season and few from the past. Hope you like them.

On the trellis

There is something very English about these

Very delicate and aromatic

Bright and beautiful

Have a nice week ahead. Hope these pictures cure your Monday morning blues.

~ Kalyan


Stephanie said...

I can certainly see why you visit Minot Gardens each year. The photos are as beautiful as the roses.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

So beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and lovely. You take the best photos. The flowers are inspiring.

Thanu said...

Lovely Pictures kalyan.The roses did cheer me up and set the mood for the whole day, sooo refreshing!!

ashima said...

:)so lovely! love the colors, and the benches are such a nice addition to partake of the experience

sewplay said...

Kalyan, they are stunning! Thanks for sharing the images. I can almost smell them from here.Kathy