trips around the world quilt

I had this pattern in mind when I got a fat quarter bundle of Aunt Grace “Friends around the world” a while ago. Then recently when I started thinking of ideas to make a quilt for one of our friends who travel quite a bit, I remembered having these fabrics.

I would've loved to share the progress of this quilt here but since it's a surprise present I was not able to do so.
It was intimidating to work with so many fabrics and to balance the colors while keeping with the theme, but the fabrics from this collection gave me a good starting point. I edited out lot of them which were either too busy or too bright and replaced them with various neutrals and prints. I took the longest time shuffling & editing the pieces.

For the solid squares in the quilt, I wanted to use a fabric which is somewhat delicate and finer than a regular quilting cotton. So, I got Berry Stripe in Taupe which is a cotton lawn. But I had to cut off the stripe and make use of the solid part which accounted in more yardage. And just for fun, I sprinkled Akiko dots here and there.

I love Atelier Akiko collections and was set on using this white dot on brown double gauze for the binding. I like how the weave makes the prints and colors look more sober and very soft to the touch. But I was unsure about how well it would withstand the wear and tear.

So I wrote to Kelly at Superbuzzy where I got this fabric from and Kelly assured me that double gauze is great to use for binding and they in fact carry a bias tape made from double gauze specifically designed to be used as binding. I can’t thank Kelly enough for the timely advice. It was really sweet of her to get back to me so quickly.

And I have to extend this thanks to Superbuzzy for all the super cute prints I was able to get for the quilt. I don’t think I could’ve dreamed up this quilt without their incredible choice of fabrics.

Backing is from ‘Grandma’s garden’ line. Our friends’ engagement story is a very sweet one and roses were a big part of it. So I thought something with roses would be perfect for the backing and when I saw this print, my heart skipped a beat.

I also included some of our friends’ favorite things on the back like scooters and poodles. It was Kalyan’s idea to add a row of scooters at the bottom.

For the quilting I decided to do straight lines in every other row and column and keep it simple as I wanted the prints to be the focus of this quilt.

~ It measures around 96” x 96”.
~ Each square is 2” cut and 1 ½” finished.
~ Pattern is based on “Fiesta wear” from the book “Quilts for all Seasons” by Sandy Klop.

If you've missed my earlier posts about this quilt you can see the close up pictures here and here.

After a day of rain and clouds, we are having a sunny day today. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful spring day too (' v ')


Sujata said...


You have left me speechless with this quilt. This is now a definite on my list of patterns to make! I love the fact that you have used all the little prints and colors that are just perfect. Your friend is very lucky to have this quilt and I am sure that she will treasure it forever!
You are a very generous friend!

Stephanie said...

I'm not really sure I could have parted with such a special quilt but I know it will be loved and treasured by it's new owner. Truly a gift from the heart. Cozy, comfy, amazing.

Thanu said...

I have been thinking of leaving my comments for the past 3 posts.No matter how hard I try, I feel I am not skilled enough to use the right words for your BEAUTIFUL quilt.Your work and you are such a true inspiration Pratima.Love ya :)

Una said...

Pratima! It is absolutely fantastic. So far I have only had the time to watch the pictures - and they are so gorgeous. How you have placed the colors is magnificent. Over the week end I will be reading your words, and I cannot wait. Congratulations - so inspiring!! Thank you

Candace said...

Oh Pratima, this is truly a gift for treasured friends! It will be an heirloom for them for many, many years! Your work is incredible and all the time and thought you put into choosing and placing the fabrics really shows! I love all of your sweet touches, too, and also that Kalyan played a small role!

Maureen T. said...

This quilt is truly awesome! Just like Thanu, I have been staring at it for days now, trying to think of something to say that expresses just how much I love it!! It must have taken forever to cut out each one of those squares with such precision. This quilt is a testament to your patience and eye for detail. Kalyan's suggestion was great too! I'm sure your friends are in awe of your generosity in this gift of such a masterpiece. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and wonderful photos. You are truly an inspiration to us all!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love love your quilt. I have Sandy Klop's book. I wish I would have had this several years ago when I made my trips around the world quilt. My daughter laid out each square on the floor for me and handed them to me to sew into strips. It was painstaking but worth it. I like how you used color to define each trip, too. I too like to use the double gauze now and then. It is really a beautiful quilt. I know they will love it and so sweet of you to make for them. Truly a treasure.

Martha said...

It's so nice to see the whole quilt, now that we've seen closeups of the clever fabrics you used. It's wonderful when a quilt is not only amusing and interesting to look at up close, but the colors and prints also work wonderfully when viewed from a distance. It's a beautiful quilt, Pratima!

sewplay said...

Oh Pratima, I have been trying so hard on my sister's computer to leave a comment and it wouldn't let me! This is the most beautiful, refined stunningly whimsical quilt. You friends must be overwhelmed!Kathy