So long fall

Though I did not go on my ritual tour of fall foliage, skimming thru my old albums quenched my thrist for wanderlust. Wanted to share these pictures with those who missed your favorite fall drives and for those who are not in the North East region.

A tiny being and 3000 miles trek home - it is the season of Monarch

Brilliant and peaceful - Forest Hills Cemetery, MA

Spectacular scenary, I would go here anytime of the season - Lake Willoughby, VT

Charming and lovely country side - Craftsbury, VT

Fall driving piligrimage - Smugglers' Notch, VT

Carpets of color - White mountains from ME & NH border

Somewhere on the backroads of VT

Hidden jewel close to home - Walkup and Robinson Trail, Westborough, MA

Hope you all had a wonderful halloween and hope you have a great week ahead.

~ Kalyan


Navnet said...

Superb collection KV! Impressive.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Such amazing photography. I love it. It just says "peace" to me. Fall is a beautiful time when the earth puts itself to sleep.

alobsiger said...

Your photos are beautiful! ::sigh:: How very lovely! I've seen nothing like this in person this year or any other, so it is wonderful to see what you saw! Thank you!

kalyan said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. These comments will motivate me to take much better pictures in the future. Have a wonderful week ahead, friday is just around the corner...

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Oh, wonderful pictures. Here in Virginia we don't have any of the spectacular color you have further north. I miss them.

ayumills said...

What a beautiful post, pratima! It was so therapeutic to see each of these pictures! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

sewplay said...

What amazing colours, not just the leaves but the sky the feilds and hills . Thanks for sharing the walk in your woods.