Spring is here

At last, the most awaited season of the year, Spring, its here. A couple of shots that I took at my most favorite places in Boston are posted here.

I took this picture at Arnold Arboretum just when the cherry blossoms were out last week. Few peeps took refuge under a tree on an unusally hot spring day. Not a great day for landscape photography either. Harsh sunlight tends to blow out the colors of the foliage resulting in a washed out photograph. Early morning and late afternoons are the best times to take pictures of flowers. Try and work with the clouds if you must take photographs in sunlight. Though this is not a great photograph, it fits the scenario that hot afternoon.

This picture of peach flowers in full bloom was taken today morning at Mt. Auburn Cemetry, famously known for world's finest landscaped cemetery and spring migrant bird trap. Our little migrant friends (birds) from the south rest here and feed before flying further north. Bird paparazzi land in droves at the cemetery to take a peek at the furry little friends.

Make the most of this season. Go out and enjoy the weather!

~ Kalyan


pratima said...

Can't think of anything lovely than an early morning walk in the woods, especially in spring. The sights and sounds were breathtaking :D

Thanu said...

I must thank you Kalyan for introducing us to such a beautiful place. To say the least, your pictures do total justice in capturing the spring beauty at the Arboretum .