Little letters quilt

Little letters quilt is ready for baby snuggles..

Blocks in this quilt being sharp and square, I tried to soften the look by rounding the corners. A bright blue bias tape with orange fruits and white flowers was so attractive that I fell hard for it.

It is my first time trying bias binding on a quilt. I followed this tutorial. The step where bias tape is set in place around the corners by pressing with an iron was very helpful. This allowed the bias tape to settle in without any resistance.

Since the alphabets wanted to keep every bit of attention for themselves, I left them alone and did a simple stitch-in-ditch quilting in the sashing. And the borders are slightly different widths on different sides.

Pattern for this quilt is available on Temecula Quilt Co. blog.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Thank you for stopping by! ( ' u ' )


Jody M said...

this little piece is so dear! I love everything about it - especially the curved pretty bias tape finish!

Candace said...

All of your hard work and thoughtfulness has made this such a delightful quilt, Pratima! Hopefully the next quilt you finish will be photographed without a snowy background! Have the snow mountains melted as yet?

Stephanie said...

I just love the rounded corners and adorable binding. It's really a sweet as can be quilt. I'm so sorry you still have snow! You must be longing for the warmth of Spring and Summer.